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myDigitechnician In-Home Computer Services These are some of the services offered by myDigitechnician. If you want to know more about our services, have questions about your computer or want to make an appointment, please call Luke at 920-858-1377. Home Computer Services Any home computer services you need! (parts and materials extra) $60/hour Computer Virus and Malware Removal We can find and remove viruses and other computer malware (malicious software) that may be causing your computer to run slowly, have lots of annoying pop-up windows, crash or work poorly in other ways. In rare cases where we cannot remove the malware, we can erase the malware from your computer (or install a brand new, usually larger, hard drive) and reinstall your software (you need to have all the original installation disks, manufacturer authorization keys, etc). Troubleshoot Computer Problems If your computer isn't working the way you want it to, or the way you think it should be, we will briefly troubleshoot the problem and give you a free estimate of the cost to fix the problems. System Tune-up Check your computer for hardware and software issues that will slow it down, get rid of those problems and make sure your computer is operating at top speed. Hardware Maintenance Service Dust and other contamination getting into fans and electronic parts is the main cause of computer hardware failure. We will open up your computer and clean everything out to help your system keep running in top shape for years to come. We can also show you how to do this if you'd like. New Computer System Advice and Set-up If you want to buy a new computer to replace an old one or to get new features and capabilities, we will consult with you and recommend a quality system to meet your needs. We will also help you set up the new computer hardware and software, including free, high-quality anti-virus software. Internet Set-up Connect your computer to the internet Home Network Set-up We'll help you build an in-home network to share files and broadband internet between multiple computers in a household. Dont want to deal with network cables snaking around? Want to roam around your house with your laptop? We can help with a Wireless network Set-up! (Networking hardware priced separately) Hardware Replacement or Installation Install a new hard drive, add more memory (RAM), replace a CD or DVD drive, set up a new monitor or printer, add a high quality video card (GPU), and other computer hardware troubleshooting, replacement or installation. in an existing computer (if there is room) Install Software We'll install new computer programs that you purchase. Upgrade Windows Sometimes a more recent version of Windows may help your computer run better (cost of new version of Windows is separate). Data Backup It’s very important to back up your files. We can help set you up with a solution for data backup to minimize the danger of data loss due to computer problems.


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