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Who is myDigitechnician?   myDigitechnician is a two-person team with over fifty years of computing experience between them, although Luke  does almost all the in-home service work. Their broad range of experiences with personal computers and their enthusiasm for the field will serve clients well in terms of providing practical down-to-earth solutions to computer issues and other digital high tech needs. Their goal is to provide friendly, personalized service which will result in clients considering them friends to call on, and to recommend to others, for any and all digital technology needs.   Luke Waldron is in his seventh year of providing in-home support to all of myDigitechnician's clients, and loving every minute of it. Over the years Luke has used personal computers for many projects and activities at home and at school. In 1985, when he was three years old, he began his computing career by using MacPaint on a Macintosh computer that Bob brought home from work. Below are additional highlights of his ever- increasing involvement in computers:   Got first home computer, an Apple IIgs, in 1989 Discovered the on-line world with dial-up modems in 1992 First hopped on the internet in February 1994 in a class at UW-Fox Valley Got his first home Windows PC, a Pentium 166 MHz machine, in 1997 Built his first PC in 1998 Got his first laptop computer in 1998 Set up his own home computer network 2000 Got his first PDA in 2001 Started doing digital video editing in 2002 Did his first wireless computing in 2003 Helped establish myDigitechnician in 2004 Went full-time as myDigitechnician's main service presence in 2005 Established myDigitechnican's Black Ops Division for Gamer Support Services in 2005 Established myDigitechnician's mD Hosting service in 2009   In recent years Luke has built numerous computers and provided assistance to many friends in building their computers. He helped many friends and college acquaintances with tech support when they had computer problems. Through his full-time work at myDigitechnician, he has taken care of thousands of home computer users needs in the Fox Valley. Luke's primary focus at this point is to provide in-home computer technical support, with a secondary goals of expanding the hosting business and similar online and remote Internet services.   Bob Waldron received an engineering degree from Michigan Technological University and has been using computers since his early college days. He began with writing computer programs on a card punch machine in 1972, used his first modem for telecomputing in 1977, wrote business financial evaluation software as part of his first engineering job after college, and used computers throughout his engineering career. After 20+ years as a project and process engineer, he decided to go into the home computer services business with his son doing something they both enjoy. In February 2004 he signed up for an entrepreneurial class at Fox Valley Technical College to write a business plan for their company. After completing the business plan, Bob and his son Luke launched myDigitechnician, providing home computer services in a 50-mile radius around Appleton, Wisconsin. Bob's primary functions at this point are administrative business details, expanding myDigitechnician's products and increasing client and community awareness of myDigitechnician's outstanding and cost effective service. myDigitechnician is focused on providing personalized home computer services to northeast Wisconsin households where the computer is considered an important or even essential tool or appliance. Other area firms may offer home computer services, but a huge national electronics superstore will be unlikely to provide the personal relationship and attention to your needs that myDigitechnician can give you, and the smaller firms generally provide home computer services as a sideline, with their primary focus being to provide computer services to other businesses. At myDigitechnician, home computer users are our main focus, so we are better able to give you the friendly, personal service you want.


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