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myDigitechnician Website Hosting myDigitechnician will help you register a website name, set up email, get a website built and host the website. Choose And Register A Website Name If you want to have a personal, organizational, event or business website, myDigitechnician can help you choose a website name and register that name so it belongs to you (website registration requires annual fee payment). Website name consulting and registration  --   $25 consulting; $15/year registration fee Set Up Email After your website name is registered, myDigitechnician will set up one or several email addresses for you using your website name. For example, if the website name is, we can set up email addresses for you like Email Set-up  --  Depends on how many email addresses need to be set up; contact us for cost estimate. Build Your Website myDigitechnician will help you choose and work with a website developer to build the kind of website you want. If you want to learn how to build your own website, myDigitechnician can give you information about books or websites that help you learn how to do that. Website Development  --  Starts at $399 for a complete website Host Your Website myDigitechnician will host your website. (Hosting means to store website files on a computer which is connected to the Internet.) Website Hosting  --  $15/month


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